Veronica Moser

Veronica Moser – Austrian pornographic and Scat Porn actress.

Veronica Moser

I was very proud when I held my first porn magazine in my hand. My friends were shocked, but I was attracted by the idea to do porn movies. I was nervous when doing the first one as I had to fly straight to Paris.

There were a lot of people around and I enjoyed it to be watched while doing blow-jobs and being fucked. As the people thought I did a pretty good job, I starred in a couple of „Schulmädchen\” and „Josefine Mutzenbacher\” movies. At this opportunity I found out that I enjoy being fucked in the arse. Since that time I fucked into the „rear entrance\” regularly in my photos and movies. I just can\’t get enough of it.

Being a young girl I was proud of myself doing porn pictures and movies. Nonetheless I was still shy and didn\’t dare to be true towards myself.

What made me even hornier: somebody pissing in my mouth. Always getting more extreme and a willingness to learn resulted in giving caviar a try. Among my friends there was one fellow who enjoyed pissing on me. This wasn\’t enough for him – he wanted to shit on me too.

Being a good girl I opened my mouth, but in some way this was too strong stuff for me then and I spit. Somehow I got very wet and horny. The thought of eating shit stayed with me – I just couldn\’t think of anything else. I took a bowl, shit into it every morning and ate it.

Pretty soon my own caviar wasn\’t enough for me and I dreamt of being covered with the shit of a lot of men I decided to make these extreme movies. And what became of me you can see in my movies. I wish you a lot of fun when watching them.

Veronica Moser

As I am an open minded, fun-loving and (maybe) a little bit crazy woman I want to try out as much as possible – mainly regarding my sex life. I believe it is great to be able to say: \”I did everything I wanted to do.\” It is better than: \”I would have liked to do this but I didn\’t dare. I was too craven and now it is too late.\”

I am really happy this is changing over the course of one\’s life and people get more mature and gain self-confidence. Today I\’m proud to be what I am and I\’m even prouder to act out my sexuality any way I want – of course with a lot of help from my natural horniness and exhibitionist nature.

Let me go back in time to my \”girlie-years\” again. It was such a thrilling experience to do this movies and picture sets (the most beautiful and exclusive picture set was published in Hustler magazine) but I still wanted to top it; so I offered my services in various bordellos and a fetish club.

Veronica MoserVeronica Moser

Here is a little episode from my \”bordello time\”: When you go to work in the early evening hours you wear your clothes accordingly. One day I wore PVC pants, PVC boots and a PVC coat. I was waiting in front of my house for my taxi cab when a cyclist went by, he notices me standing there, his eyes almost pop out of the sockets, he keeps going, he turns around again and doesn\’t pay attention to the road – BANG – he hits a streetlight. Sorry, but I couldn\’t help to have this wide grin on my face ..

I love to change things in my life (besides my husband) so working in this different scenarios was no problem for me.

I am absolutely aware of the fact that nobody is satisfied with \”sex booklets\” or \”school girl report movies\”. The offer out there is so wide and I enjoy a lot of things. Therefore I tried a lot of things the following years.

By now I\’m involved with the porn business for quite some time and have been involved in different areas of the \”scene\”. Some of you might know me already but I think I\’m still able to surprise and amaze with my performance.

P.S.: I know of course that not everybody is into caviar. My interests are not limited to scat only. I also have other randy fantasies and therefore I decided to live up to these on my Pornarella-photos.

Veronica MoserVeronica Moser

Veronica Moser – All Scat And Extreme Fetish porn Scenes

Veronica Moser - All Scat And Extreme Fetish porn Scenes

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