Mei Ling – Mei The Force


Mei Ling - Mei The Force

RED 5 GOING IN… TV ads are great. Unlike Zack Snyder, who can manage to squeeze 1.4 hours of Batman into a mere 8 hours of woke homoerotic nonsense – ads have to tell their story in 30-60 seconds or less. That takes some skill. The UK sucks balls in many ways, and mostly the not-good ways, but they do make a damned good ad. Here’s an example.

What a time to be alive indeed. I’m old enough to remember a slice of some of that I’m sure some of you are also.

When I was a kid, if I wanted to learn something, I had to walk all the way down to the library. If I wanted to see naked ladies I had to get lucky and find an old mag thrown behind a bush somewhere – or hope someone else did, and let me borrow it.

Mei Ling - Mei The Force

Pet Pussy? Dream on. There was no Adam then to help me resolve this situation. I had to build my own. Now you lucky devils got all of that hot sweet Pet Pussy at your fingertips – what a time to be alive.

I was about 6 when Star Wars came out. Before then, there were no Jedi. No Darth Vader no Obi-Wan. Say what u like about Star Wars, Mr. Lucas and his franchise gave us all an entire language to more easily explain the mysteries of the Universe. Imagine a world without R2D2 – what kind of world is that, what would be the point?

Mei Ling - Mei The Force

Imagine a world where hot sexy Asian babes hard-fucking with dogs are not right at hand. Many of us lived in that world previously and it suuuuucked.

Mei Ling - Mei The Force

Today’s story is about Mei Ling, and how this Lady, like Rey, was previously an impoverished scavenger but became a Jedi with the dog cock. She wasn’t sure about it all at first; fuck by fuck, knot by knot, Mei Ling has taken that dog cock into her soul and thinks it’s simply the best thing ever. A weapon for a more civilized age.

Mei Ling - Mei The Force

This is handy because as Ladies goes, Mei Ling does have a damned great vagina. Feels good for those dogs, she usually can’t get into the room without one dog or another trying to mount her and get inside her. Yes, the Pet Pussy power that Lady has is really quite something, like a tractor beam for hounds. The Force is Strong in This One.

Mei Ling - Mei The Force

So Folks, get your dollars out you will, coz a super-sweet vagina this Lady has. Mei got some hot sweet Jedi magic to show y’all, and you wouldn’t want to be disappointed now would ya?

Scene: Mei The Force
Producer: Dachat
Models: Mei Ling

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