Max Hardcore – Extreme Schoolgirls 5

Max Hardcore - Extreme Schoolgirls 5

There are few true pioneers in the world of porn, but Max Hardcore has earned the title. His influence on smut is undeniable. His stamp is all over modern adult videos and love him or hate him, Max is a true legend. His movies haven’t changed all that much in the last few years, but that’s because he has been perfecting his style and sticking to it. His fans know what to expect and they flock to his movies to see him act out their fantasies in ways that other pornographers wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot double dong. Along with his current slut de jour Catalina, Max is set to destroy some unsuspecting young asses. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new Max movie, but the box cover shots seem to indicate that he is as hard-core as ever. He’s got girls in clothes picked out of the K-Mart Post-Toddler department, medical instruments and lots and lots of lipstick. There is also a watermark in the lower right corner of the shot. I’m not sure how long he’s been doing that, but I know that a lot of people have complained when other companies have done this.

Princess Ching Ching is a cute little Asian Girl who is all dressed up in her teen-tard gear. Max hands her a toy make up kit and promises to make her pretty enough for his new movie. He shows her his cock and immediately starts ramming it into her mouth. Princess leans her head over the edge of the couch so she can really get a good flow of pre-vomit flowing down her face. If you like your sex ugly, this is a top notch trip into that territory. Underneath all that drool Princess is actually pretty nice looking and has a sweet little pussy. Max gives that a try, fucking it like he fucked her mouth. There is some nice looking anal footage as she gets into RCA and takes every inch up her butt. He pulls out a toy and slips it into her pussy for a little DP action. Princess has good energy and has no problem taking the kind of action Max likes to dish out. In the middle of the action, he has her put on more lipstick and then makes her gag on the toy while he keeps blasting away between her cheeks. There is a lot of drool as Max pulls the mandible claw move on the poor girl. He puts more lipstick on her face, gags and finally jerks a load onto her face. Princess is off to become a star.

Joselyn Pink shows up to talk to Max about a beauty contest. (Who put Max in charge of a beauty contest? Good grief.) The tiny titted young girl is overly made up and dressed in the finest playground fashion, but is going to have a real problem winning the contest. She has no experience, can’t sing, can’t dance and has no real talent to speak of. Max has his rap down and the dialog flows easily even though Ms. Pink is so new. He eventually convinces her that she needs to work on certain skills that will help her win. She’s not all that pretty, but has a tiny body and will appeal to Max’s fans. Max works her panties down to her knees and enters her shaved pussy from behind. The P4P dialog has her begging to be let into the contest and willing to “do anything” to make him happy. She easily handles the oral action and doesn’t seem to even notice when he starts fucking her from behind. The anal brings a look of discomfort to her face, but Joselyn’s butt takes it just fine. During the blowjob that follows, he shoves his fingers down her throat until she gags us a bunch of that thick shit that makes everything sticky. With her makeup thoroughly ruined and spit all over her tiny chest, Joselyn continues her anal education by bouncing up and down on his unit. For a good laugh, listen closely to the way they bleep out all references to her parents as she talks to the camera. She does some good anal RC while counting backwards from eighteen. (Anyone want to question the P4P angle now?) Joselyn needs a break from the anal so he abuses her mouth for a bit, setting her up for a final ride on the rocket. I’m not sure when gagging girls with his fingers became a Max fetish, but she nearly pukes and that makes him blow a big load all over her mouth.

While in Spain, Max and his filthy side-kick Catalina hook up with Angelica for some three-way fun. She is a tall girl who is not as cute as Catalina and may not know what is in store for her on the other side of the hotel-room door. Leaning back on the couch Max has the girls take turns with their mouths. Both of them can take it deep and we get some really good oral footage as Angelica matches Catalina suck for suck. Even with the 1987 Jr. High threads, this pair of babes puts on a great show and give us some serious sexual heat. The tall tattooed girl takes a ride on Max’s lap, working her ass up and down on his dick while Catalina shoves a dildo into her twat. Pigtails and anal sex aren’t enough so they do her face up with more lipstick, clamp her mouth open and Max unloads a big wad of sticky cum right into her waiting mouth.

This is exactly the kind of movies that Max fans should expect from him after all these years. The girls fit the mold perfectly and all of the other Hardcore trademarks are in place. We have little kid clothes, lipstick used as clown make-up, medical instruments, choking, gagging and the requisite P4P dialog. There are also the typically stunning technical aspects to discuss. The picture quality is outstanding and the camera angles are rock solid. I do wonder what people think of the URL in the corner and the picture in picture used through the movie. (I guess this would be true multi-angle action.) I didn’t find the URL to be all that distracting, but am not crazy about the PiP at this point. Princess is kind of cute and Catalina is hot as always, but I imagine hard-core Hardcore fans will be most happy to see little Joselyn get treated like a perfect little sex toy. Since I’m not fond of gagging, drool, P4P and some of the other fun on the menu, much of the heat is lost on me. If you’re a big Max fan, then this is a really well done DVD that you will definitely enjoy.

Stars: Catalina, Angelica, Joselyn Pink, Princess Ching Ching, Max Hardcore[/URL][URL=][IMG][/IMG” target=”_blank”>

Size: 1360 MB
Duration: 02:18:16
Resolution: 560×416

Max Hardcore – Extreme Schoolgirls 1-20 EURO VERSION