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BeastSex 2020 Twisted Perfection - Yasmin


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Jun 20, 2018
Twisted Perfection - Yasmin

You’ve already met our new buddy, Tommy. The experience wouldn’t be complete if my dear Yasmin wasn’t there. Just like me, she adores this kind of sex. As soon as they arrived, she wanted to try it immediately. Tommy is very large, heavy and quite aggressive when he sees he’ll have sex. He just goes crazy when he feels the scent of pussy. He likes to be dominant, so in those moments he simply enjoys to show what he can do.

Yasmin entered his place and began to cuddle him. It didn’t take long for him to start to hump her. His cock immediately begins to emerge like a drill, and searches for its place. After two attempts, he found the place he wanted and began to ram her. He’s very heavy and his ramming isn’t gentle at all. He tried to climb on her back and he searched for good support.

Already a few seconds later, drops of his sperm began to come out of her pussy. I love Yasmin’s pussy hairs, when drops of sperm get on them, it looks adorable and very sexy.

As I have already said, he began to fuck Yasmin, to ram his cock into her. She had no other option but to give in to his domination. His cock was getting in and out of her while she moaned loudly. The scene is incredibly sexy, like the beauty and the beast that wants to conquer her.

Tommy calmed down, placed himself on her back and kept filling her continuously. She enjoyed it, like any woman who likes to feel a long dick penetrating her all the way. At one point he climbed off her, but then he climbed back on immediately. Another humping, and their sex could continue.

Her pussy was all wet. She tried to keep all the sperm in her, but Tommy is very potent and the quantity of sperm that he ejaculates is incredible. The woman should be physically able to withstand such a large weight on her back, and Yasmin is a real pro at it and knows exactly how to do it.

Mainly, he was filling, filling, filling her without stopping. When he was satisfied, he calmly got off her back. His sperm splashed, like a geyser, and she began to empty herself. Underneath her, there was gel from his sperm. This kind of sex looks dirty for those who don’t see its beauty. But one look at his giant balls filled with sperm is breathtaking. Yasmin loves to squeeze everything out of him, which she showed here. After the sex, she said she never felt such pleasure. I believe her, because I myself feel the same after all.

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