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BeastSex 2020 Sonya - Off The Leash - The Lovely Sonya bids us a Beautiful Christmas Goodbye


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Jun 20, 2018
Sonya - Off The Leash - The Lovely Sonya bids us a Beautiful Christmas Goodbye

Alright folks. Here’s the next supreme quality animal-porn-movie of our most talented producer Dachat for you to enjoy. Sweet Fairy-like Sonya is back for another round of passionate doggy sex. And oh boy, how I longed for another appearance of this definition of Slavic beauty…

The movie – which is shot in crystal clear image quality we know from Dachat – starts with Sonya taking a stroll in her lingerie in a public park. And it doesn’t take long before she feels the urge to get rid of the last little pieces of fabric. And seeing Sonya standing fully naked in the middle of a public scene is something I will keep in memory for a long time. You should expect her to be at least a little bit nervous or shy. But this little tease enjoys being exposed. You can clearly see that this is her natural state and this is what gets her aroused: Being naked and presenting her little shaven peach for all the world to see. She parades around and ensures that everyone gets a good look at that perfect ass and flower of hers…

After the kissing Sonya gets on all fours to receive some more licking from behind. It must be heavenly to eat this perfect ass and silky flower. And the dog is a true connoisseur giving Sonya everything he got. For her everything left to do is to close her eyes and give herself in to his twirling tongue, panting and moaning to spur him on. She is just so sexy and authentic enjoying herself. I could watch this forever…

Next scene shows us sweet Sonya walking down an apartment floor fully naked. When she arrives at the window at the and of the floor she finds a trapped butterfly. Being a true animal friend, Sonya releases him to freedom. Then she stands on the windowsill and plays with her honeytrap so that everyone passing by the building can clearly see what she is doing. Such a naughty girl.

Now that she is wet and ready for some petlove, it is time for the entrance of our dog protagonist. Dachat threw in an exciting new feature by equipping Sonya with a go-pro camera attached to her forehead. So we get some POV pussy-licking shots. It feels really up-close and personal. You almost feel with the Lady when the long doggy tongue caresses her peachy flower. The dog for sure cannot get enough of her taste and the lady knows how to enjoy his attention…

Being a true romantic the dog insists on a kiss before going on with the action and you can really feel the chemistry that is going on between Sonya and her lover in this kiss. The sight left me speechless. This must be one of the most erotic kisses in pet-love-movie-history! The way she opens her lips for his tongue shows how involved she is in the situation. And for our Lady Members: there is a go-pro-shot of this too. So if you ever wondered how it would look like to receive a wet kiss from a dog get this movie and you will see…

But this is not what Sonya has in mind. She is looking for the real action. The two lovers get on the bed where Sonya presents her ass and flower to him to mount her. With the experience from her last time she guides the red pecker into her hungry slobbery pet flower. And the dog hits the right spot right from the start with his thrusts making the beautiful moan and scream. Unfortunately he is to impetuous in his passionate fury so the knot doesn’t quite slip where it belongs. Nonetheless he makes her squirm and scream pumping his hot canine sperm into her womb. She feels it burning deep inside her perfect body and the pulsating prick knocking against her cervix lets her dream of puppies while she ecstatically rolls her eyes…

The pull out is explosive and Sonya proudly shows what the dog gave her: All the nice white stuff creaming this peachy fuckhole. Politely the dog cleans her flower with his tongue.

Sonya knows what a good bitch owes to the dog that ignited all the lust between her long legs. She takes the still pulsating and squirting red prick between her lips and sucks it deeply. Her mouth is overflowing with doggy semen, the white liquid is dripping from her chin. The girl is an expert sucker craving dogcum and she employs all her skills to get as much of the sweet nectar as possible. It is fingerlicking good…

Part two of the movie starts with Sonya returning to the flat with a nice shepherd dog. This time she jumps right into the action. As a nice details, she left her white sneakers on. This adds a false innocence to the picture of Sonya being thoroughly fucked by the hound…

Again the doggy prick sinks into her peach in no time but this time, the Lady goes the whole mile taking the knot as She should. The shots of her face in pure ecstasy while being filled to the brim with doggy spunk will make you fall in love with the girl. And her facial expressions during the pull out of the knot is something every pet love aficionado needs to see before the nextlife. It is hard to describe how passion, light pain and horniness form a mélange in Sonyas nearly perfect lineaments that would inspire a Michelangelo to restart his work on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel. She is simply such an angelic creature with this knot buried deeply in her flower…

And for the closeup of the glistening red ball of dogmeat breaking free of the tight grip of Sonyas honeytrap, it is just perfectly captured. Apparently though the horny girl soaked most of the cum into her uterus when she orgasmed so hard because there’s just a tiny trickle of sperm running out her hole.

No wonder Sonya is not satisfied with this since she is craving the white stuff so much. So she licks, kisses and sucks the red rocket to get as much sperm as possible into her mouth.

Again: my compliments to the Director: The undershot of her chin dripping with dog sauce is really nicely done. Since the couch got a little bit dirty with doggy sperm and saliva Sonya has to clean it up with her tongue…

Guys, this is a great movie with a beautiful Model, great canine performers and an experienced Director who captures all the nice action for you perfectly. Get it. Period.

Sadly this will be Sonya’s last movie for our community. So come on, let us give a the parting celebration she has earned for Herself. Let us make this movie lightning through the Download Buffer! Do it for Sonya!

Models: Sonya with Kuryakin & Co.
Size: 1960 MB
Duration: 00:34:22
Resolution: 1920x1080

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