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Quality Hosting Under Extreme Adult Content + AntiDDoS


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Jun 20, 2018
Quality Hosting Under Extreme Adult Content + AntiDDoS

Several reasons why it is convenient to work with us:

More than 10 years of experience allows you to choose the best solution for projects of any complexity and theme.
Always ready to help repel DDoS attacks of any complexity.
Fast and painless data transfer from another provider.

2 months of hosting or VPS as a gift when moving from another provider.

Shared hosting from hoster was created for the fastest and most secure placement of sites on the Internet.
A few minutes after the payment you get access to the hosting control panel and you can proceed with the placement of sites.
Convenient control panel, privacy of personal data, loyal European legislation, DDoS protection, a dedicated IP address, daily antivirus checks, Let's Encrypt certificates and much more to successfully work on the network.

Shared hosting


Virtual Server (VPS) is a virtual machine with its own resources CPU, RAM, disk, operating system and full administrator (root) access. Experienced users are attracted by the ability to install any set of software, create snapshots, as well as an operational upgrade in case of traffic growth.

Ultra-fast VPS with Intel Xeon processors, SSD NVMe drives and administration in Europe.

Available OS: Windows, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and others.


Dedicated server - unlike a virtual server, a stand-alone server in a rack that only you use. All processing power of the processor, memory, disks, network channel, IP addresses are available only to you.

Full root access is provided: you decide how to configure the server and which software to install. A dedicated server is the best choice for doing business.
We bring to your attention dedicated servers in Europe with unlimited traffic and DDoS protection at affordable prices.
It is possible to build an individual configuration server. Before ordering, we recommend contacting Live Chat for advice.


Domain names

We bring to your attention domain names at competitive prices:


I want to add from myself. I have been using this service for more than eight years. Fast tech support. Good value for services.
This service is ideal for legal and semi-legal extreme adult content.

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